• For years, we’ve been dreaming about opening Headroom, an urban spa for head massage. A place that’s all about giving the head our full attention.  Because, if you think about it, the head works harder than any other organ. Here are some numbers: between 50 and 70 thoughts run through our heads every single day. It produces 20,000 watts of electricity while we’re awake and the number of paths through which information passes in our brains is greater than the number of stars in the our galaxy. Is there any wonder that we so often feel our head is going to explode?

    Life isn’t easy. Kids, family, work, errands. The hectic nature of our daily lives and the omnipresence of technology means we’re constantly plugged in, without a real moment to stop, rest, relax. Something we truly need. Not only on vacation, lying on a hammock with a drink in our hand, but mainly in the midst of our everyday routine. And we need it in a way that enables us to become less anxious and tense, to think clearly, to focus on only one thing as opposed to a thousand, to pay attention to ourselves and silence for a few moments everything around us.

    Headroom makes this possible. The Equipoint technique we developed lowers tension and helps you relax completely in a state akin to meditation – something that’s nearly impossible to achieve by merely touching any other part of the body. A Headroom treatment lets you momentarily step away from the constant rush of life and really relax. An opportunity to recharge and reboot, to detach in order to reconnect. It’s not expensive. You don’t need to make an appointment ahead of time, or make a special trip somewhere out of the way, because we planned it in such a way that it can fully integrate into your daily routine. During the treatment, you remain fully dressed, and your hair doesn’t get all messed up or oily. Stop by. You’ll leave feeling better and more relaxed.

  • How does it feel?

    Your eyes are closed, you muscle relaxed, there’s a slowly-spreading calm that begins in your head and spreads throughout the body, and then, all of a sudden, your breathing slows down, your body is no longer tense, and tranquility takes over.

    Half an hour later everything seems a lot clearer, quieter. The noise is gone. Daily life is less threatening and your head is cleared. A short break and you can rejoin the race.

  • Our Menu

    An Equipoint treatment is the combination of convenience and effectiveness. While its effects are strong and immediate, it’s not something you need to prepare for in advance – you can stop by for a treatment in the middle of your day- you don’t need special clothing or to worry about messing up your hair.

    Because of this strong and immediate effect of the treatment, it only takes 15-45 minutes.

    • 15 minutes – Clear Mind

      50 NIS
    • 30 minutes – Perfect Break

      100 NIS
    • 45 minutes – Recharge and Reboot

      140 NIS
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  • Hi, I’m Aya Evan. For the last twenty years I’ve worked for technology and consumer goods companies. I helped lead companies in both Israel and the US in various management roles – marketing, operations, business development and strategy implementation. Headroom is something I’ve been planning during all those years. I thought about each and every detail. But, as it so often happens in life things got in the way of actually going ahead and making it happen – family, income, career. And that’s how it turned out that for many years I helped realize the entrepreneurial dreams, putting my own dream aside. But I finally decided that it’s Headroom time. And I’m happy to realize my own personal dream and invite you to experience a new sort of treatment that will help you take a break from the crazy race we call life. To relax, treat yourselves in order to be able to rejoin the race with the renewed energy you need to succeed. Headroom and the Equipoint method we developed focus on the most important – and most neglected – organ. The organ with which you realize your dream needs to relax. That’s what we’re here for.

    I’ll be happy to meet each one of you and get feedback about the treatment and experience.

    Email me at aya@headroomworld.com

  • Hi, I’m Sharon Heifetz. They say that we don’t choose our vocation. Our vocation chooses us. That’s exactly how I feel about my career, which started almost 15 years ago at the Reidman College, which I completed my training as an advanced Shiatsu therapist.

    Throughout my career, I’ve specialized in different areas of Shiatsu treatment: oncology, gynecology, orthopedics, and emotional stress. In parallel, I took courses in complementary parts of conventional medicine.

    Headroom is a new and exciting stage in my career, one that is intimately related to my reason for being a therapist – the need to make the treatment accessible to as many people as possible, to reestablish it in people’s minds as something that every human being needs.

    For the first time I was part of a team that developed a method that takes all the best from different methods and creates something that’s well suited to modern life, both in terms of the treatment technique and its effects and in terms of the availability and accessibility of the treatment. Equipoint – Headroom’s proprietary modern method – takes our day to day reality into account, our stressful lives that overwhelm us with pressures and stimulation and barely leave room for the self. We took all of that into consideration in developing the technique and created something that will allow you to stop for a moment, rest, refill your energy reserves, and regain your focus.

    I’ll be happy to meet each one of you and get feedback about the treatment and experience.

    Email me at sharon@headroomworld.com